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Martin Čenger

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....although his life story is long, full of all sorts of ups and downs, falls and rebuilding, he tries to be objective and solve things pragmatically and many times to shorten them. That's just him. Until recently, he hated sports (except skiing) from the bottom of his heart! He claimed that it was too difficult for him and that he couldn't support his heavy body like a bee 😊😊😊 Fortunately, only until recently and since he was 50, he has been working intensively, because he has to, even if  sometimes he doesn't even want to a little bit... but just a little bit 😊😊😊... …


Its symbol is a bee and honey. And why? Well, because hard work,   tenacity, perseverance, immortality, life, spring, the power of the sun, light, heat, but also the power of communication and cooperation and any other goodies 😊😊😊


Together with  Peta and Inga, he developed a discussion about the "Don't Deer" project and with his opinions and views brought life to it in the form of honey, which became a co-symbol of the project


And how would he describe it "shortly"? 😃😃😃


Like it!


The bee usually brings a message regarding our performance. Sometimes we try too hard, sometimes we don't do enough. The bee has a strong work ethic, but also knows how important it is to stop and smell the flowers. It's time to enjoy the sweetness of life, but also time to work hard! And that requires balance.


Although bees can carry three hundred times their own weight and never shirk their duty to contribute to their community, technically a bee should not be able to fly. From the point of view of aerodynamics, it is designed completely inappropriately, which speaks volumes about our limits, and how to successfully move beyond them. But the bee has no idea that it shouldn't be able to fly, so it just flies and you can take off with it.


Einstein was deeply convinced of the importance of bees in the ecosystem. He predicted that if bees died out, humans would not survive them by more than four years. The pollination process also symbolizes our social nature.


The buzzing of the bee will ring in your ears to remind you that it is time to believe in miracles. The bee  comes to those whose greatest wish is to live in harmony and love with all living things. Call on her power if you want to bring abundance. Are you dropping heavy loads? Do you need help with "pollination" of new ideas and projects? Is your soul searching for a community to belong to? The spirit of the bee can support you. If you seek the wisdom of bee medicine, it means that your higher self is helping you develop a way of flying that will take you to the sweetest places.


Bees live and work in a community. Their flight from flower to flower enriches the world. People with bee energy become motivational speakers, teachers, healers and light workers. Their love language is attentive service. The honeycomb represents the heart chakra and the sweetness of life. The bee is strongly associated with the sun, light and heat.


The bee is not a loner and encourages us not to watch life from a distance, but to throw ourselves into challenges without inhibitions. If you have an incredible chance right in front of you, there is no better helper who could fly into your life. The bee is an expert in miracles. Whatever you are facing, the bee will help you find an otherwise elusive solution.


Again, bees are not aerodynamically equipped for flight, but they have adapted to it. They flap their wings as fast as little rackets.


Those who came to Earth with the bee as a totem animal can control their personal energy. They are clear about their life path. Work or entertainment is not a problem for them, because  "everything is only for a certain moment and all events have their limited time".

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