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Ingrid Kakodyová
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Don't just

Rumors and fables

Shortly thereafter, animals living on earth began to chase and eat people, who they implored the Nephrite emperor for protection, the emperor sent a tiger, which together with the lion, the horse, the bear, they won many battles, thereby winning the obedience of the animals again. However, the sea turtle began to raise huge waves, the sea flooded the fertile land, the tiger killed it in battle, As a reward, the Jade Emperor made as many stripes on his skin as many animals he could overcome and they named him the king of all animals. The lion was supposed to be one of the 12th animals, but he lost this position due to riots, which did on earth. His place was taken by a tiger, thanks to his merits, they love every profession, kt. is associated with risk.

Inga/creative soul and full moon of the "Don't Deer Deer" project, who is not lazy and tinkers with taste, creates, invents and assembles puzzles so that everything fits together and that every single outfit of the project is unique and original!

Inga/and this is how it all happened (beginning of the story, notes from the diary)

13/07/2022 was the full moon - the deer full moon, my grandmother and I had a bhabinec - relax, in the evening we sit on the terrace, talk and lo and behold...   the big moon peeked out at us just as it was the full moon, Anetka (friend) Googled that it was a super full moon and the supermoon also has its own name, the Deer Full Moon, Martin wrote immediately afterwards and we arranged the 1st meeting for the 4 of us on Friday. The first business meeting was creative and turned out great. We agreed on everything perfectly, where Peťo and Samko started working together on Peťo's dream brand   (originally it was just t-shirts and sweatshirts). The post cooperation started, but after a month of cooperation, no results or only minor ones that needed to be adjusted differently. Unprepared / out of the blue, I got into the position of managing the brand, so I set it up in a different direction, i.e.  create a whole collection. Samko started working on the logo and the deer track, created a deer and a doe. At the next meeting, we started to deal with design and graphics....

Unfortunately, the collaboration was prematurely interrupted in mid-October due to Martin's health reasons, but also because they were squealing for a longer period of time, some kind of ignorance that I didn't fully understand... But that happens, we didn't know each other much....


But I skipped the events a bit: on 10.9.2022 I sent a picture of a joint group of deer and peacocks, it was on the page with the date 16.1.2023. I quote Martin (he asked the question): "... is the 16th of January the future?" Because he is handsome or is it the age of a deer and its 16 antlers?"   My answer was: "I also watched it..... let's see what kind of date this is" .. Martin writes: ":-) ... you don't need so much solve :-) , it was just my observation ..... I'm like a bear running back to the den to catch up on the winter sleep deficit :-)". And I: "what kind of bear again :-) you had a busy time.. relax :-).. I guess he won't be from the zoo"... And since then the bear has resonated in my head, and I can't get it out of my head. There was no way I could put the bear anywhere. We had a deer, a peacock .. 

The origin of the peacock: I wanted to buy a diary to write the story of a deer and lo and behold... I received a mail /gift/ from a customer with a thank you note, a peacock diary  with dates, the timing was great, since then the peacock has been included as a friend of the deer.


2.12.2022 - New beginnings.

The agreement with Martin, the selection of new principles, the setting of a new direction of cooperation and the meeting for January 2023 was agreed upon. When Martin told me this, the date 16.1 immediately came to mind. 2023, what will happen then... I said to myself, well... January 2023 was thought up by Martin, I would have already scheduled the meeting for December :-), I left the date and time to Martin... so we got in touch around January 20 and agreed on a new collaboration by phone and after that it was fine... I started to think things out... in February, after a long time, I started to familiarize myself with a graphics program on a PC, the first bits   - designing... a deer... but the bear still didn't let me sleep... :-)... what the hell what should I do with him... :-) and lo and behold... the baby called me to the cinema .. I don't know what the movie was called /ČR/

...immediately at the beginning of the movie, a big deer appeared on the screen, the babies looked at me and we laughed... after the deer, a big bear appeared immediately, standing on two. ... right at the beginning.... and I just watched the movie very carefully and listened to the plot of the movie... what will come of this... what should I learn again... another sign... until the conversation between the main hero and the heroine came... The main hero tells the heroine: you know how it came about the word bear? 


I received an answer   and the dilemma was over :-)... and this is how the honey collection was created, which copies Martin.... 

In the meantime, it still resonated in the peacock's head, I couldn't identify with it... so I left it as it is - only as a peacock diary, which it is used for the story Neleňa and a tool for technical data in production, so I had a Deer, a bee/honey and where am I?  Am I a collection creator or something else?  I found another piece of information... I went back to the beginning and started studying the full moon on 7/13/2023... I found new knowledge again, except that this full moon is called the Deer Full Moon in the USA, so in Europe it is hay or honey full moon , and this was the key... again the deer and the bee/honey together - the puzzle fit together, and I am therefore a full moon / since I was born on a full moon day... The full moon closed the circle and the collection gradually began to be created   AUTUMN/WINTER 2023 /2024…

- Deer

- Bee/honey

- Full moon

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