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Peter Nuota
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His approach to life can be compared to the Deer……representing strength, nobility, courage, endurance, fighting spirit, freedom, purity and longevity. He is elusive and fast. However, it is also a symbol of the warrior and the human soul. The deer is a strong guide who lovingly cares for his protégés and guides them along the path of knowledge. It protects us in situations where we feel insecure and torn. Deer energy has a great deal of insight, peace and kindness. The deer also has a well-developed instinct and intuition. It reminds us to always trust our gut and let it guide us. He himself has the ability of self-sacrifice to achieve a higher goal.


There are many myths, legends, legends, customs and charms surrounding the deer as the king of mountains and forests. A deer's antlers are like a tree and are regularly renewed. They have long become a symbol of the constant rejuvenation of life, rebirth and the passage of time. The deer's antlers also symbolized the sun's rays.


And all this is simply Peťa! He is a deer, bearded/bearded, cut/uncut, but simply a Deer! 😊😊😊


….. Peťo has been dedicated to his active sports style since he was a boy, i.e. of his 14 years. And that boyhood, as well as the symbolism of the Deer, have remained with him to this day, even though he is now a mature man and father!


He has moved on in age, matured (although sometimes he is still like a little boy 😃), gained experience, and his credo is "...end the old, and live and build the new differently!" Different than before! Move over! Fight! Don't give up....” Just like a deer does when it drops its antlers. And he approaches his clients with this style in the gym as a fitness trainer! Sometimes he's tough and adamant, and his subordinates are definitely whining and nervous inside 😊🙃, but that's just Peťa/Jeleň! And that's also why  he has a logo of a tenacious and predatory deer as a trainer, which has become a supporting element of the brand "Neleň Jeleň!".


And here somewhere, one summer day in 2022, his life story met with his friends Inga and Martin, where, during joint open and creative discussions, an idea was born that could interest people   dedicated to active sports style…….


In the meantime, Jeleňa's idea developed, materialized and turned into a real project with a zero/start collection consisting of more than 34 sports outfits for women and men.......


And what about the end? After all: Don't be a Deer!

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